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Hardwood floor maintenance

G3 Hardwood Flooring is honored to be Bona certified, and we take our training seriously. We want to educate our clients and neighbors about how to properly care for your floors so that they may be the foundation of a great home for many years to come.

At G3 Hardwood Flooring, we are experts in wood floors, and we have everything you need to clean, maintain, and enjoy your new flooring for years to come. From mopping to deodorizing, we have cleaning products, cleaning tools, and helpful tips and strategies for you to apply. Between regular at-home maintenance, our Bona certified experts are available to polish and help maintain your floors with our state of the art equipment to help reach those areas that traditional cleaning methods can’t touch.

How to clean hardwood floors

No matter what type of hardwood floors you opt for, each floor requires general maintenance to maintain that beautiful, natural look and warmth that hardwood floors offer. It’s best to break down hardwood floor maintenance into daily, weekly, and quarterly duties.

Daily: Sweep up any dirt and grime that is tracked through your floors. You can quickly pick up spills and daily messes with a microfiber cloth. Doing so each day will not only keep your floors looking and feeling beautiful, but also doing so will prevent your floors from becoming scratched.

Weekly: Set aside time each week to gently vacuum or wet mop your floors. Depending on the type of floor you have, different cleaning methods may be better in order to get the dirt out of tough to reach areas such as corners or underneath cabinets.

Quarterly: The best way to ensure that the flooring below the service is being properly maintained is to polish your floors a few times a year. Polishing your floors will level the protective surface by filling in any microscopic gaps. This is the perfect way to refresh the look of your floors while maintaining their durability for years to come.

Best Products To Clean Your Hardwood Floors

The team at G3 is Bona certified, which means our organization was hand-picked and thoughtfully trained by Bona professionals in order to properly utilize their complete cleaning system on your floors. After three generations of hardwood flooring experience, we have seen many cleaning products come and go. Fortunately, we are proud to be Bona certified and we use their excellent products in every home we service. We highly recommend using their products to provide your floors with a consistent, superior cleaning experience.

Have More Questions About Wood Flooring? Contact G3

Three generations of hardwood flooring knowledge means over 70 years of seeing cleaning products, fads, and trends come and go. We are a team rooted in tradition and excellence, and we believe that traditional methods of hardwood floor maintenance with top notch products, such as Bona, are the best way to maintain beautiful floors for a lifetime.

We are locally owned and operated in Colorado Springs, so give us a call if you have any questions on maintaining your hardwood floors. If it is time to polish your floors, refinish your hardwoods, or simply brown for new, high quality hardwoods then schedule and appointment today!