Choosing the right hardwood floor color

Choosing the right hardwood floor color

If you’re remodeling multiple rooms or building a house from the ground up, it can be overwhelming to sort through your flooring options and choose hardwood flooring for each room. But, arguably, hardwood floors are one of your home’s most critical design aspects, and choosing the right hardwood floor colors ensures an optimal amount of balance and contrast in your space.

For example, if you have a room with many windows that get a lot of natural light, it’d be good to choose a darker wood floor color. On the other hand, if choosing the hardwood floor color for a smaller room with no natural light, a lighter tone is better.

As hardwood flooring experts in Colorado Springs, G3 Hardwood Flooring understands the complexities of wood tones and has the experience needed to help you choose hardwood floor colors that will suit your spaces best. Whether you have a rough idea of the colors you want your wood floors to be, or you’re not sure where to start when choosing hardwood flooring colors, our team is here to guide you! So keep on reading to discover tips that will make choosing wood flooring colors easier.

What Is The Most Popular Wood Floor Color?

When it comes to wood flooring colors, one of the more popular options is grey tone woods. Grey floors give you the freedom to choose and alter your color scheme without disturbing the flow of a room. Plus, grey floors are dark enough to hide dirt and normal wear and tear, yet light enough to still open up a space and bring in light. 

How Do I Choose The Right Wood Floor Color?

When determining the color of your floors, there are five things that you should focus on to help guide your decision. 

  1. Your Desired Mood
    • Ask yourself what the intended vibe of the room is. For example, are you remodeling your dining room and want it to have a formal feel? In that case, you should choose a darker flooring with cool tones. On the other hand, you should select a floor with lighter tones if you want a space to feel light and airy.
  2. Amount Of Natural Light
    • When deciding between light-colored and dark-colored floors, one of the most important aspects to consider is how much natural light the room gets. If choosing flooring for a space with little natural light, you should choose a light wood floor color. However, if the space gets a ton of natural light, you have the freedom to select whichever solid hardwood floor color you think will look best, regardless of its color variation. 
  3. Size Of The Space
    • Consider how large a space is, and remember that light floors will make it feel larger and more open while dark floors will make it feel smaller.
  4. Existing Wood Floors
    • If you’re redoing a room or two and want the floors to match existing wood floors in other spaces, you need to choose the exact color of the existing wood floors. Having different wood floors that vary slightly in color will look worse than having a purposeful contrast between rooms. On the other hand, if you’re choosing wood floors for an entire space, remember that having the same wood species and stain color throughout the whole home will flow more naturally and make the rooms feel larger.
  5. Room’s Other Colors
    • A floor should be an accessory rather than a spotlight, so keep in mind the existing furniture you have in a room and its wall color to help you choose the color of your floors. If you have furniture pieces made of reclaimed wood with various tones, consider this when selecting your floor color. You can work with an interior designer and flooring specialist to make sure that you choose a floor that will compliment your existing design.

G3 Hardwood Flooring Will Help You Choose The Right Flooring Color

An integral part of any space is the floors, so it’s essential to research your options and choose the right flooring colors. At G3 Hardwood Flooring, our flooring specialists can help you sort through your color options and choose one that will compliment your space and meet your aesthetic needs.
Regardless of how small or large your flooring project is, selecting the color of your wood floors is one of the most important design decisions you’ll make. So, team up with our flooring experts and let us help you choose the perfect wood flooring color! Contact us today to get started.